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Best Place To Buy Crazy Socks

"John had worn crazy socks his whole life. That was his thing," Mark, 60, says. "He would go and wear these crazy, colorful socks; we'd drive around looking for him. I can remember on more than one occasion, one of his older brothers coming to me and saying, 'You can't let him go to school like that...'"

best place to buy crazy socks

Foot Cardigan is the best sock of the month club in all the land. We have one goal: to make your feet ridiculously good-looking. Based in Feetville, USA, we design fun socks for men, women, and kids, and deliver them all over the world. With the best combination of color, comfort, and cheer, we provide expertly crafted and exceptionally comfy socks for your bottom-most leg parts to wear with pride. If you're the kind of person who enjoys a little tomfoolery in your footwear (and wouldn't, say, shy away from novelty socks or polka dot socks), then you've come to the right place.

Do away with the same old boring socks for your wedding day. Put a smile and even a laugh on your groomsman's face as you hand him these personalized groomsmen socks with no less than his face placed on it.

These Navy Groomsmen Socks are adorable! Your best buddies will truly treasure this gift as it is both functional and memorable. The wording color can be chosen and names and dates can be added too. What's more, the quality of these socks is sure to make him feel comfortable at all times.

These personalized groomsmen socks given as a nice little gift on your wedding day will surely complete his look. It's available in black, navy blue and grey. Personalize it with their roles or their name, and the date of your wedding, and you are all set for one fun gift for your best buddies.

When looking at a karyotype (a picture of our chromosomes, stained for viewing under a microscope), the chromosomes look like paired socks. The staining makes them look striped. Some folks even wear an extra sock to represent the extra chromosome. Another reason for wearing mismatched socks is to promote the celebration of differences. Some buddies wear the same set of mismatched socks to also point out that we are more alike than different. One last reason for the crazy socks is that they get attention. If someone notices the socks, they may ask about them and allow for a discussion about DS, differences, acceptance, and hope. Our siblings of those with DS seem to be the most into this day. They can show their love and support of their brother or sister and feel the support of others who join in with their socks. Plus, who doesn't have a pair of mismatched socks (some loads of laundry seem to lack a pair of matching ones!) so this is something in which everyone can easily participate. Heck, if you forget, you can swap a sock with a friend and bam!, you're in!

Is it the man that makes the socks, or the socks that make the man? The answer to those questions and more can be found in the awesome assortment of manly men's novelty socks. So choose the socks that reflect every aspect of your manliness. Bravery, strength, at times little crazy, but always cool. Our fun men's socks are sure to make the statement that says "I am a man, I am awesome, and so are my socks"

Purchase a pair of socks. You don't want any old pair of white socks. Look for socks that are colorful, crazy or holiday themed. Try to find socks that are one-size fits all, so anyone in your group can wear them with pride. 041b061a72


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