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Mukul Pathak Psychology Notes Download Pdf

When taking psychology notes, it is important to remember that you do not need to write down every single thing that the instructor says. Instead, focus on making a record of the main points. You should also write down key terms and any questions or concepts that you are still struggling with.

Mukul Pathak Psychology Notes Download Pdf


Psychology class notes Vajiram and Ravi Mukul Pathak Sir.Vajiram is the premier coaching institute for UPSC. Mukul pathak sir has been taking classes since 20 years.Students get benefited by his experience.we are providing the Set of booklets as taught in the class. It covers whole syllabus. The students away from Delhi can buy this material online and we will send through courier.

Once prelims is over one should join a test series. During my first attempt I joined pathak sirs test series which was decent however I could not find value addition in that but in my second attempt I was fortunate enough to find Ankit Kumar Pathak over telegram who is psychology topper of CSE 2017. He checked my copies, taught me value addition material like relavant diagrams case studies etc. I implemented all above religiously and got a good score. I also want to thank another senior Mr Saurabh Jain who taught me how should one study Psychology concepts (I have discussed this with an example below). Simultaneously in initial 40 days after prelims I had prepared notes for both paper 1 and paper 2 which led to one revision as well as I used that period fruitfully which others may generally waste.

I am not a big fan of digital technology unlike others using evernote so I used pen and paper to jot down my notes. Now I used to combine 3 items for any chapter i.e. Class notes of pathak sir, NCERT and Baron. Once this was done I used to see PYQ from the pdf (to gain knowledge of things asked in past from that particular topic that I have never come across in all these three sources). This was added in the notes. I am attaching the notes for 1 particular chapter for your reference. They may not be very clear and logically arranged as I have added materials over 2 attempts in the same notes. (1 disadvantage of not going digital)


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