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[S3E10] Amends [Extra Quality]

Willow and Oz wake up on Willow's bed (they were just sleeping) to the snow. Xander wakes up in a sleeping bag in his backyard covered in snow. Giles notices it from his apartment, while Faith and Joyce see it from the Summer's home. Buffy and Angel walk hand in hand together through the snow, united once again with Angel truly ready to rejoin the fight against evil and make amends for what he has done.

[S3E10] Amends

According to Susannah Clements the episode "provides a rich perceptive exploration of humanity's sinful nature. Humans are not only "not strong enough to fight evil in general", but are also not able to "fight their own sinful nature". The good that can be done is not enough and it can not be done all the time. The First Evil sends Angel back from hell to kill Buffy. As Angel has a soul he is struggling with his evil nature. The First Evil is something that Buffy isn't able to fight off or kill. Angel is convinced by the First Evil, that he has to either kill Buffy or himself. There is no way for humans to fight this purest form of evil. Angel realizes that, even though Buffy tries to save him. She tells him that there is a weakness in everyone, but everyone has "the power to do real good" and to "make amends". Angel replies, that it is not the demon in him that needs to be killed, but the man. The evil is too strong and it can not be fought alone. So within the series "salvation comes without of humanity", the sun in which Angel tries to kill himself, can not be seen for the whole day. Angel is saved.[2]

Kim's words to Jimmy cause him to reconsider his dealings with Chuck, leading him to reluctantly drive to his brother's house to check up on him. Upon entering, he is surprised to see that Chuck has reinstalled the electricity to the house. Jimmy tells Chuck that he regrets how he handled their feud, and signals that he wants to make amends. Chuck rejects the overture, saying that his sentiments are pointless because it is in his inherent nature to hurt those around him, no matter what he says or feels. He further coldly tells Jimmy that he never really mattered to him. Crushed, Jimmy leaves. That night, Chuck, unable to sleep, goes to the circuit breaker panel and switches off all of the breakers. He lies awake in the dark, alone.

Shortly after, Cliff walks through the trees wanting to make amends, but is unable to stop and is headed straight for Cloverton. Flit brings Jane inside the robot, and Larry tries to fly after them while connected to his negative spirit but crashes into the lawn.

As Season three of Better Call Saul wraps up, there is at least one unexpected development. After the seemingly darker path for Jimmy McGill last week, the short, sharp shock of Kim's car accident actually pushes him in a more positive, if penitent (and probably temporary), direction. Concerned with taking care of his injured girlfriend, it feels as though Jimmy's conscience starts weighing on him more than in the last couple of episodes, and he attempts to make amends for what he's done to the likes of Chuck and poor Irene Landry. Of course, he can never quite find what he's looking for from his older brother, and the blistering scene between Michael McKean and Bob Odenkirk that falls midway through this episode is a McGill stand-off for the ages. As Chuck coldly dismisses his earnestly apologetic brother with "you never mattered" after telling him he would be better off embracing his destructive side, we all know what that could do to Jimmy's brain, even if he does spend the rest of the episode trying to make things right with Mrs. Landry.

The SWAT team's task to provide security for a warlord is threatened by assassins determined to take him out before he's extradited by the International Criminal Court. Also, Hondo's father, Daniel Sr. tries to make amends to his mother, Charice, Street's foster brother, Nate, asks for his help with a corrupt boss and Deacon reluctantly explores therapy for his daughter, Lila. 041b061a72


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