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Landon Robinson
Landon Robinson

Jack Zipes Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs ((TOP))

In Mirror Mirror, we have a different kind of poor rich kid. Snow White has lived in a cocoon most of her life and strains to get to know how the 99 percent of the bankrupt kingdom live while her preposterous stepmother, played by foppish Julia Roberts, decides to kill her. The didacticism and moral of this film are simplistically conveyed through the actions of a goody-goody princess, and its irony becomes boring. Apparently, Tarsem Singh, the director, sought to reproduce the humor of The Princess Bride, but the jokes are too cute and obvious, and the critique of greed in the film, which makes a false gesture to feminism, is contradictory. Are we to attribute the bankruptcy of a kingdom to a psychotic woman? Are we to think that the sword fighting of a prince and princess aided by seven motley dwarfs will eliminate evil for good? Should we believe that the restitution of a king is the answer to inequality and poverty?

jack zipes snow white and the seven dwarfs



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